Mitsubishi Mirage 1.2G

Photo Feature: Mitsubishi introduces 1.2-liter Mirage

In December 2014, Mitsubishi Motors Corporation revamped the compact hatchback Mirage. Noted was how they added the luxury grade 1.2-liter model to the lineup. The quality of its lightweight compact maneuverability has not changed. It is the long-awaited model that responds to the customers’ feedback such as, “If it had a bit of a better start…”

The Mirage was developed with the aim of developing a universal vehicle that has a low gas mileage, a low cost, and a compact concept, that also caters to not only one but many customers. With a 27.2 km/liter gas mileage in JC08 mode, the 1.0-liter model has achieved the top of the class when it comes to gasoline vehicles. It weights about 150kg lighter compared to the former Colt that stands as the first generation. Its charms lie in its lightness that is like that of a kei-car that is only 860kg (S grade), and its quality maneuverability, with its smallest radius at only 4.4m.

However, after its release, the customers wanted a more powerful performance where they could relax while still maintain low fuel consumption. There were demands such as wanting features with a little more design. These specification changes sought to respond to these demands.

The newly added 1.2G is equipped with a 1.2-liter three-cylinder MIVEC engine. Based on the luxury grade G with 1.0-liter engine, it generates 78ps maximum output and 100Nm maximum torque. They lowered the generated rotational speed of the maximum torque so they could have a stronger and more agile running performance even in low-speed ranges. With the weight being kept to 890kg despite being equipped with a 1.2-liter engine, its lightweight body greatly contributes to its running performance.

They used an idling stop function and maintained a 25km/liter low fuel consumption.

Although it is not greatly admired, an improvement that greatly enhanced its running performance was the newly used front stabilizer. In conjunction with equipping it with 15-inch tires that improve the grip on low flat roads, they also equipped it with a stabilizer across the front lower arm. With this, the steering response, high-speed stability, and even the rotational limit have significantly improved. The difference is great enough that you can experience these in every scene of daily life such as intersections and gentle curves in the city.

In addition, they equipped it with front fog lamps, side turn lamps with door mirrors, a retractable short antenna, a leather steering wheel and shift knob, a power window switch in piano-black tone, and a shift panel, to improve its texture.

The price is 1,445,040 yen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)