Honda N-BOX Series

Honda N-BOX Series exterior gets minor updates

Honda made minor changes to its N-Box Series and launched it on February 5th.

This is the first time that its exterior design has been changed after its launch in December 2011. The basic model is perfectly comfortable, while the custom model looks more dignified.

The turbo versions of the N-BOX Custom and the N-BOX+ Custom feature an interior with synthetic leather. All turbo versions of the Custom model come with LED position lamps and LED fog lights.

Furthermore, it features a newly added slide function to make it more convenient. This is Honda’s very own factory-installed option called the “dive-down and tip-up mechanism with the sliding backseat”.

Moreover, IR Cut (thermal barrier), Super UV Cut Glass, and Roll Sunshade (rear door) are also available for each type. There are many comfort amenities provided.

The price of the N-BOX is between 1.27 million and 1.6594 million yen, the N-BOX Custom between 1.52 million and 1.8594 million yen, the N-BOX Modulo X between 1.83 million and 2.0148 million yen, the N-BOX+ between 1.38 million and 1.7894 million yen, and the N-BOX+ Custom between 1.59 million and 1.9294 million yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)