Toyota Alphard New Model Launch: Dealer options offer elegance with metallic parts & accessories

Toyota Motor Corporation has released a variety of exclusive parts and accessories (optional features) for their recently launched all-new Alphard.

As in the years past, this new Alphard comes available in two types, a normal body and aero body. The exclusively developed Styling Package for customizing both exteriors was centered on its Metallic Garnish Set.

The Metallic Garnish Set comes with a front garnish (w/ LED for the aero body), side garnish (metallic), and rear door garnish (metallic). These additional features provide the new Alphard with more elegance and luxury than ever before.

The three types of garnish for the Metallic Garnish Set are sold separately as well. However, the set offers value for those who’d like to purchase all three garnishes.

Furthermore, metallic side mirror covers and a rear license garnish are also available as options. As for the fog lamps by its front bumper, they can be switched to LED fog lamps (w/ white illuminations) for the normal body and to LED Stylish Beam (metallic) fog lamps for the aero body, which turns on (and off) with the ignition.

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)