Toyota Alphard and Vellfire press conference

Toyota Alphard / Vellfire Launch: Designer Yoshioka explains new spacious passenger seat

Toyota’s newly improved Alphard and Vellfire, which were unveiled on January 26, are the world’s first to come equipped with the largest ever 1160mm sliding passenger seat. Developer Kenichi Yoshioka says, “We wanted to make the passenger seat a choice location.”

Yoshioka says about the Joshuseki Super Long Slide Seat, “By mounting it on the same rail that separates the front and back and extends from the passenger seat to the second seat, we achieved an 1160mm sliding seat, which is the longest possible.”

“It would be impossible to put an ottoman in front of the seat,” he says. “So instead, we added a sliding rail that allows the seat to go further back, giving ample room.”

He further added, “Allowing the seat to slide back further doesn’t just create more room. There are other uses as well. For example, if a father is driving and a child is sitting in the second seat, the father can also take care of the child. It creates a sort of triangle. The second seat also goes back, creating a second triangle.”

The Joshuseki Super Long Slide Seat comes as a standard feature for the Alphard G (the gasoline version that seats 7), SA and S “A Package,” and the Vellfire V 7-seater, ZA, and Z “A Package.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)