Toyota Alphard / Vellfire Product Launch

New Toyota Alphard/Vellfire Launch: New luxury grade for corporate users

Toyota Motor Corporation launched the all-new Alphard and Vellfire minivans on January 26th with a new grade called the ‘Executive Lounge.’ Development Chief Kenichi Yoshioka revealed that they developed it with corporate clients in mind.

According to Yoshioka, “The number of corporations that use the Alphard or the Vellfire is increasing every year. Partway through, their previous generation models became more popular and had more corporate sales than the Crown. Its roomy and comfortable space were particularly popular as everyone kept saying that they could not stop sitting on the second row seats.

He discussed about its development, “We added the Executive Lounge grade as a product that will properly meet the needs of such customers.”

The second row seats of the new Executive Lounge grade feature the exclusive executive lounge seats that are approximately 100mm wider than the base car’s. It also has a stowable table and a power ottoman that extends about 140mm.

He further explained, “The Executive Lounge grade features an exclusively tuned suspension. Hence, compared to the existing model, the harshness performance of the rear suspension in vertical acceleration due to gravity has been minimized by half. The setting of the front suspension is soft.”

The price of the Executive Lounge grade for both the Alphard and Vellfire with 3.5-liter gasoline engines is 6,522,218 yen, while the hybrid model is 7,036,691 yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)