Toyota GT86 CS-R3

Toyota reveals GT86 CS-R3 rally car’s 2-liter boxer engine outputs 238hp

Toyota Motorsport GmbH (TMG), a Toyota company based in Germany, confirms on January 23, 2015 the final specifications of the GT86 CS-R3.

The GT86 CS-R3 is a rally car based on the GT86 (Japanese name: Toyota 86) that conforms to FIA R3 regulations. In August 2014, TMG conducted a demo run of their GT86 CS-R3 prototype at the 9th Round of the World Rally Championship (WRC) in Germany.

TMG confirms the final specifications of the GT86 CS-R3. The power output of the FA20 engine, a four-cylinder horizontally-opposed two-liter gasoline engine, was raised to a maximum of 238hp (38hp higher). Its maximum torque is 23.4kgm/6800rpm.

It has both a sequential shift six-speed transmission and a limited slip rear differential. The suspension and brakes were improved for rally use while still conforming to FIA regulations. Moreover, the cabin is kitted out with a roll cage that also meets FIA’s safety standards. Yet, car amenities were cut down to reduce the weight. Its weight is 1080kg, approximately 200kg lighter than the commercial model.

TMG plans to sell the GT86 CS-R3 starting May 2015 to those who want to compete in domestic and international rallies including the WRC. Its competition debut is scheduled in July. Lastly, it has been announced that the base price of the CS-R3 kit in Germany is 79,000 EUR (approximately 10.35 million yen).

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)