Rowen displayed the Subaru Levorg (2015 Tokyo Auto Salon)

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: From sporty to luxury, the hundred faces of Subaru’s Levorg

The 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon opened at the Makuhari Messe. While many customized vehicles such as concept cars to super sports cars were being exhibited in the site, the vehicle that got quite less of an opportunity to be seen were the Wagons. Among such, the Levorg, Subaru’s sporty touring wagon, was said to have fought alone. It appeared as an official custom vehicle from the manufacturers. Having been given attention, it will be introduced with photos shortly.

The Levorg S concept was displayed by Subaru, which not just Subarists but also sports car lovers have paid attention to. This model equipped with a 6-speed MT is not available in the line up; it inherited the name of the S series, the highest peak series which was given tuning by STI, which handles Subaru’s motor sports and complete cars.

They clad the vehicle in bold aero parts and gave the brake and suspension tunings. Its features were finished with an overflowing sportiness in mind. Although it is said that whether or not the concept model will be put on sale is undecided, its completion would has us expecting it to get commercialized.

On the other hand, at the exhibition done by the tuning shop, the progressively created custom Levorg pleased the eyes of the attendees.

It was displayed at the back of the Subaru booth, but the Levorg that was displayed by Auto Produce A3, a tuning shop, was shockingly close to beating the STI, its originator.

The exterior looked like the WRX STI’s, but it was mounted with their original bumper. The engine for the Impreza WRX STI Spec.C was fit into the opened hood. Moreover, they mounted a DCCD with 6-speed MT and center differential. In terms of running performance, it wa finished to have a performance equal to that of the Impreza WRX STI. Another highlight was the EyeSight that was instead replaced with monitors in the parts where the camera was equipped.

Wangan and ZeroSports have customized Subaru vehicles for many years. For Subaru vehicle users, these are familiar manufacturers. Wangan displayed a Levorg that had a red line running across a white based body. It was equipped with a sports muffler and height-adjustable shock absorbers. In addition, they applied carbon to the exterior and interior. For the reference exhibit, ZeroSports displayed the muffled, height-adjustable shock absorbers, meter hood, and the lip spoiler that has been divided into three parts. Both manufacturers had become closer to the general users.

HKS, which is leading in the tuning industry, placed the WRX STI and Levorg at the center of their booth to great appeal. Among the products they already released were the muffler and height adjustable shock absorbers for the Levorg. In addition, they exhibited reference display such as the metal catalyzer that became the cornerstone of the exhaust system, the carbon suction pipe, and the flash editor for customizing the ECU.

In contrast to the model that emphasized sportiness, a Luxury Levorg was also on display. The Levorg RR was displayed at the booth of Rowen, which manufactured aero parts for numerous models. This Levorg was clad in Rowen’s aero parts, it tried to gain popularity by fusing high grade luxury and sportiness. Its exterior was transformed into a gorgeous finish that had gold on its black body.

Lastly, the Levorg was also displayed as a demo car with a data system for developing its security, drive recorder, monitor-type, and etc. They also equipped it with Subaru’s vehicle-specific side camera unit and LCD monitor. In addition, they equipped it with their original lip spoiler and grille. In the interior, it was equipped with a panel that was given an ultra suede interior kit, which started from the Subaru BRZ.

Others such as Blitz displayed the height-adjustable shock absorbers and the sports muffler. The exclusive muffler in Fujistubo was also seen.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)