Nissan Leaf (European model)

The Nissan Leaf becomes Europe’s best-selling electric vehicle in 2014 for fourth straight year

On January 19, Nissan Europe announced its 2014 sales results for their Nissan Leaf. Total sales increased by 33% from the previous year to a record-high 14,658 units to become the best-selling electric vehicle in Europe for the fourth consecutive year.

The Leaf was released to the European market in March 2011. It was only sold in a few countries at the time, but is now available throughout the continent. Nissan released their completely overhauled model in July 2013 after its production was transferred locally to their UK plant.

For 2014, the Leaf was very popular in Spain, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Italy, France, and Germany. It was especially successful in the UK where they sold 4,051 units, 2.2 times more than the year before.

Nissan Europe’s Senior VP for Sales & Marketing, Guillaume Cartier said, “95% of our Leaf owners suggested they’d like to recommend it to their friends. 50% of them said they’d never go back to a gasoline or diesel car.”

(Translated by Travis Yamabata)