Subaru BRZ GT300 2015 at 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Show Car Library – Subaru’s BRZ GT300 2015 Super GT racing car

Subaru unveiled the BRZ GT300 2015 it plans to run at this year’s Super GT season at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon, which was held January 9 to 11.

For the 2015 Super GT season, Subaru has added Hideki Yamauchi to its team to replace Kota Sasaki, who retired from the Super GT. Yamauchi will be racing this season with Takuto Iguchi and the car will be emblazoned with Dunlop instead of Bridgestone.

The car’s 2.0 liter engine gets over 350ps with over 45kgm maximum torque. The body is 4530mm long, 1945mm wide and 1100mm tall.

(Translated by Greg Scott)