New mass market Honda NSX at 2015 Detroit Motor Show

2015 Detroit Motor Show: Type R for new Honda NSX coming soon?

It has come to light that Honda is planning to release a high performance Type R version to the new Acura NSX, which made its world premiere at this year’s Detroit Motor Show, for the mass market sometime in the near future.

This is according to a January 13 report by US automotive news site Auto Express. In an interview about the new NSX, Chief Engineer Ted Klaus said a great deal about the plans.

In addition to revealing that the Type R model is in the pipeline, Klaus spoke optimistically about the model’s development, saying, “The NSX has always been silver first, moving towards red later. Someone asked me, ‘when will you be satisfied?’ Probably never. What you do today, you can improve on tomorrow.”

The new NSX has a newly developed V6 direct-injection twin turbo located at mid-ship on its compact body. It’s also equipped with the high-efficiency and high-output Sport Hybrid SH-AWD three-motor hybrid system. The total maximum output of the combined engine and motor is over 550hp.

Like its NSX Type R predecessors, the mass market Type R’s suspension, engine and other features are turned for circuit driving. Expectations are high for this new model based on the next generation hybrid supercar NSX.

(Translated by Greg Scott)