Autech Dayz Roox Rider (2015 Tokyo Auto Salon)

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Show Car Library – Autech Dayz Roox Rider

Autech, a pro tuner of Nissan cars, displayed the Rider version of the tall kei wagon Dayz Roox. The Dayz Roox has been transformed into a glistening and powerful style reminiscent of a rider.

The Highway Star Turbo was used as the base car. The radiator grille, roof, door mirrors, and front bumpers are covered with the exclusive matte chrome. The interior is both casual and elegant because of the exclusive quilted seat covers, black/green finish, and floor carpet.

The car is outfitted with Tein’s Street Basis damper kit and exclusive 15-inch aluminum wheels.

This Dayz Roox Rider is an auto salon special; hence, it’s only a sample exhibit.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)