Denso Corporation Booth (2015 Detroit Motor Show)

2015 Detroit Motor Show: Denso, future proposal to the V2X main

Denso Corporation had an exhibit at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show which kicked off on January 12, 2015. It is possible to say that the contents can be considered as Denso’s proposals for the future.

Placed at the center of the Denso booth is the V2X demo machine.
The V2X conducts information exchange about the car and the outside conditions from car to car, car to infrastructure and the like. If this becomes a reality, this will enable the driver to grasp the situation of the blind corners ahead and to know the congestion of traffic ahead of the travel route. It enables the prevention of head-on collisions at intersections.

Moreover, a large Smart City exhibit is located at the entrance.
This exemplifies how Denso’s technology can contribute to society. Denso’s technology makes it possible to provide support not only to cars but also to the agricultural sector and the region’s energy management and the like, by means of solar power generation. In addition, there was also an idea of using the laser radar for driving assistance for home security and the like.

How can it contribute not only to cars, but also to society?
What will happen to the cars of the future? These and more are the proposals of the contents of the Denso exhibit.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)