Honda N-BOX Slash

Honda N-Box Slash Launch: Orders reach 210% of target in just 3 weeks, youth bracket accounts for 47% of total

Honda revealed that the orders for the new N-Box Slash, which was launched in December 22, have already reached 5,211 units within three weeks. This total number of orders is 2.1 times more than the monthly sales target of 2,500 units. Moreover, the youth bracket (until 30 years of age) accounts for 47% of the total orders.

Development Chief for the N-Box Slash and Honda Technical Research Institute Executive Officer Yasuaki Asagi said, “It has been said that young people have been turning away from cars. At this moment, we managed to draw in young customers and the numbers exceeded our expectations.” Asagi added, “We originally intended for this model to appeal to older customers, so it’s really good that we were able to draw in younger customers.”

A peek into the background of its development was given, “Since similar models are being released by Honda, they competed and cut into each other’s sales. The N-Series didn’t exist before, so the entire series will not grow if it cannot attract new customers.”

Asagi continued, “Young customers won’t buy the next latest car if we don’t manage to attract them now. In that sense, we are happy if we can continue attracting these young customers.”

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)