Honda N-BOX Slash X Grade (Premium White Pearl 2 & Red)

Honda N-BOX Slash Launch: “The role of the antenna shops of the N Series” according to Development In-charge Asagi

Yasuaki Asagi, the Executive Officer of Honda Technical Research Institute and the Development In-charge of the N-BOX Slash which was introduced as the fifth entry into Honda’s N Series says the following about the new model, “It was also given the role of being an antenna shop of the N Series.” This is because it also utilizes a lot of advanced equipment as a kei car.

According to Asagi, the primary thing that they were particular about in the N-BOX Slash is the “Mass production of its initial design as it is.” If that is not the case, then the idea that was entrusted to the N-BOX Slash “it would not lead to the cultivation of new customers.” It seemed like the young members of development were provoked a lot of times by Asagi’s question “Do we really want to do it with this design?”

Simultaneously, “The antenna shop, which can search for equipment that can possibly be developed for other models” was also placed as a member of the N Series. For example, the adoption of numerous new technologies and advanced equipment such as the rear seat slide seat, and the electronically controlled parking brake (EPB). They are exploring the development of the other N series by looking at the customers response. Through Asagi’s vision, it carries the task of having an impact on their entire kei model and not just merely being a unique model.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)