New Nissan Titan XD (2015 Detroit Motor Show)

2015 Detroit Motor Show: The Nissan Titan XD, heading towards its American truck heritage

Nissan unveils the new Titan XD at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show.
Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn said, “This is the truck that American truck enthusiasts have been waiting for.”

The new Titan XD is a full-size pick-up truck equipped with a five liter V8 diesel turbo engine with a maximum output of 310 horsepower.

Ghosn said, “This is a key aspect of Nissan’s growth strategy of capturing a 10% share of the North American market; it is also a unit which symbolizes Nissan’s commitment to promoting localization.” Based on this proclamation, R&D was carried out in Arizona, design in California, testing in Michigan, engine production in Tennessee, and assembly in Mississippi; definitely making it into an All-American unit.

“Sports cars and trucks are similar when it comes to design.
Both of them pursue a traditional form. In that sense, the new Titan came out with an authentic design” according to the company’s Senior Vice President and Chief Creative Officer Shiro Nakamura, as he explains the truck’s design.

Nissan trucks have a so called angle strut and feature V-shaped grilles. These are also used in passenger vehicles. It is also adopted in this Titan”, according to Nakamura.

The All-American Nissan Titan is a vehicle that is heading towards its heritage, even in the aspect of its design, as an American truck.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)