NSX commercial model (up) and concept (down)

2015 Detroit Motor Show: Honda shows differences of NSX with concept through pictures

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. unveiled the commercial model of the new NSX at the 2015 Detroit Motor Show. Honda will finally release this vehicle within 2015, just three years since its concept was unveiled. From its concept release, they’ve redone the facelift to the exterior. They will also introduce the differences between the commercial vehicle and the final version using photos.

Its entire design did not receive any significant change from its concept. They aimed to improve its aerodynamic performance with changes to the bumper, front hood, aluminum wheels, door mirror, among others. Therefore, they really gave it changes in the design details.

The geometrical bars in the front grille and air intakes are featured because of the bare carbon; moreover, its headlights were changed to honeycomb-shaped ones. The lower rear bumper part is also similar to this. The two large intakes provided on the front hood were also with new features. They added an additional winker lens for the LED headlights, turning it to six winkers, from five. In addition, they also added a bordering that would follow this winker.

The side of the body may be the most unusual part. Not only did they create an air outlet in the rear end of the front fender, they also expanded the aperture for the air intake in the rear fender. Therefore, the massive rear fender became more distinct due to the pressed character line.

While the lower part of the rear bumper looks common, a muffler is added to the center; in addition, they also changed the form of the diffuser. The vehicle is clad in a more race-like atmosphere.

Its body size was expanded from the concept’s by 80mm for its total length and 25mm for its total width. It became 4470mm×1940mm×1215mm (total length×total width×total height) and its wheel base is 2630mm.

For the interior, they rearranged the switches and steering form to make it more realistic, different from the futuristic design in the original concept. Although the color scheme has also been finely changed, traces of the concept can be seen in the cockpit wrapped up in red and black leather.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)