Honda S660 Concept at 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Show Car Library – Honda S660 Concept appears in jet black

Honda displayed its new kei model the S660 Concept at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. Unlike the concept model the automaker has already unveiled, its color was jet black. With carbon parts are used all over the exterior and interior, the model shows Honda’s approach to building kei-cars that go above and beyond the typical idea of a kei-car.

This is the S660 that has gotten some press for surpassing the 64ps limit and that will reportedly go on sale in April.

This is the S660 that has been in the news lately with its 64hp engine and planned April release. Although details about the model haven’t been released, it’s sure to be a major model for 2015.

(Translated by Greg Scott)