Autech Rider Advance Studies (2015 Tokyo Auto Show)

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Autech turns Nissan Serena into luxury minivan

Autech, the one that sells Nissan custom parts and complete cars, displayed three concept cars at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show that was held last 9th of January until the 11th. One was the Rider Advance Study which attracted the attention of the visitors at that moment; it isbased on the minivan Serena, .

Its concepts are innovation, intelligence, and dynamics. The Study model is offered as a new form of the Rider series.

Although its base vehicle is the Serena, its major feature is the front mask; the mask has been significantly changed to the extent you wouldn’t notice that it is a Serena. Its front bumper that has large gills that stand out. Also, looking carefully, it is seen that the form of the headlights were changed to be sharper than those of the normal Serena. They put so much effort into it if we compare it with other ordinary custom vehicles. It feels more luxurious and extruded than the luxury minivan Elgrand.

Unlike front, the form of the sides and rear were not changed.They also renewed its aero parts around the lower body. These have became sharper by being combined with silver. In addition, its rear fender has a large overhang, making it look more powerful. 19-inch large diameter aluminum wheels haveo also become its major highlight.

Rider Advance Study is a reference display vehicle, but its specification details have not yet been revealed. It is written to be small and ‘impossible for public transportation’ in the description panel at the venue.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)