TRD (2015 Tokyo Auto Salon)

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: AQUA TRD rally car that can also be enjoyed by AT-only license holders

Toyota Racing Development (TRD) displayed the rally versions of the Aqua and Vitz in addition to the customized versions of the 86 and Lexus RC. Even those who only hold licenses for AT can enjoy motorsports with these rally versions.

TRD hosted the TRD Rally Challenge where everyone can enjoy the said rally event. The new rally style and entry cars have already been proposed. The rally versions of the Aqua and the Vitz were also in display.

A possible entry to the TRD Rally Challenge, the custom Aqua is equipped with body works such as an underguard, a roll cage, a high response muffler, shock absorbers and a spring set for rallies, a rally computer, semi bucket sports seats, and aero parts. It features red and white color tones, which are the fearless colors of TRD; also, those who are new to the AT will also be able use it. Meanwhile, the custom Vitz is based on the RS grade. This is a luxury grade model built for those who are new to the same challenge and would like to step up to a wider championship.

Other exhibits include the 14R-60, which was launched in October and has a limited number of units, the recently launched Lexus RC, and the custom minivan Esquire.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)