60th anniversary vehicle, sky blue and bright green Crown

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Toyota unveils sky blue and bright green Crown

The sky blue and bright green Crown appeared at the Toyota booth in the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. These are limited-time-only; these reproduce these colors of the Crown that appeared in the TV commercial, and will be offered to commemorate the Crown’s 60th Anniversary. At the venue, its popularity is comparable to the sports car and concept car. There were even surprised reactions from the attendees like ‘did they really release this?”.

The shocking pink special specification of the Crown that was sold became a hot topic. This time, they gave it a sky blue and bright green coating. These vehicles were finished with colors that symbolize the freshness and freedom that can be felt when you ride the Crown.

Its base models are the hybrid vehicles Athlete S (2WD) and Athlete S Four (4WD). Its front grille, one of its main features, was given a piano black coating which was also used in the Black Style, a special specification vehicle. Also, they applied a white coating to the interior; it comes in a special finish worthy of the 60th anniversary commemoration.

They will only accept orders for a limited time, for only one month starting from April 1 until 30.

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)