2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki unveils Alto RS concept

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Suzuki unveils Alto RS concept

The 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon was held on January 9. Suzuki Motor Corporation unveiled the Alto Turbo RS concept. The Alto Turbo RS, a new model to be released in March, is a model that will pursue an exciting riding performance.

The Alto Turbo RS concept that was displayed at the Auto Salon venue was equipped with Recaro seats and 17-inch aluminum wheels based on the same one that will release in March. They also gave it a suspension tuning.

Its detailed specifications were not yet disclosed. However, as a model equipped with a turbo engine and having a high sports performance, it will be a model that offers a fun driving performance with its sharp response and high cornering performance.

Kazufumi Uchiyama, in-charge of the development in Suzuki’s four-wheel design department, said, “Since the base model is a lightweight-compact new Alto, we gave this new model a slightly powerful engine, letting the various owners experience the joy of driving.

He added, “Due to its lightweight features, we can give it an affordable price while keeping its energetic running performance. For the exterior, we applied plating on the headlights and we also gave red decorations on each part to have it get a sense of expectation towards its running performance.”

There were many reactions to Alto Works’ return with the public images. Uchiyama said this regarding the timing of release, “We knew that there is definitely a customer that wants this kind of model. In addition, although tall cars are trending, we wanted to create a ‘compact car that is pleasurable to drive as one would expect’ with this vehicle.”

Furthermore, it also took details from the Swift Sport, a Suzuki sports model. However, Uchiyama said, “Inheriting better running performance and footwork that was in the Swift, this model’s feature main feature, I think, is its user-friendliness and practicality since it is a light weight vehicle.”

(Translated by Natassia Jeronne D. Martinez)