Rays Booth (2015 Tokyo Auto Salon)

2015 Tokyo Auto Salon: Rays President Mine says “We want you to experience high quality Japan made-products through our company’s integrated systems”

Car wheel manufacturer and distributor Rays Engineering (East Osaka City) put on exhibit the Volk Racing (forged sports wheel), 57 Motor Sport (cast sports wheel) among others at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Salon. Company President Shigeru Mine talked about their company’s integrated system and their pursuit of an elaborate manufacturing process.

“Only Rays has the technology that can do a three-dimensional molding by forging. An example of this is the emblem’s character.
Rather than a superficial treatment like adding a line or putting on a sticker, we shaved it and applied a complex curve and shading using our original technology. Such a commitment to quality will not lose anywhere” according to President Mine.

At the heart of the company’s booth lied the centerpiece concept model TE37 Consept For S-SUV 22 7075 Forged. On display were the A7075 (aluminum core alloy) of the JIS and the so called Extra Super Duralumin, made from light and strong materials, both of which gathered a lot of attention from the visitors.

The layout was done in such a way that the concept model was bordered on the left side with forged wheels and on the right side with cast wheels; arranged before it were the BMW M4, M3 D1 version, and the Subaru WRX Time Attack version among others, all of which were equipped with the latest model of the Volk Racing and 57 Motor Sport.

The company conducted the exhibit by category and the floor was divided according to forged or cast; moreover, these were further categorized by sports systems, imported car systems, luxury systems and the like. “Each of them have their own features, but in recent years their advantages have overlapped”, according to Naohiro Onioi, the company’s public relations SP Division Manager.

Forged wheels are known for being lightweight and highly rigid, while cast wheels are said to have profound detail; recently however, such advantages have become common to both. Cast models have become overwhelmingly lighter, while an advanced three dimensional design has also been incorporated into the forged models. Such evolution has been made possible by the improvement of our own company’s technology”, according to Onioi.

Having mentioned that he wants to make sure that clients get to experience the highest quality of the products thoroughly manufactured by Rays, President Mine added, “We want to quickly reflect on our product development the know-how which we have cultivated in the development of racing wheels; all wheel genres will be created under our company’s integrated system from planning, development, production, until inspection. We want to offer peace of mind and satisfaction with our stylish and highly rigid Japan-made wheels.”

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)