Lexus LS600h F Sport X Line

Lexus celebrates 10 years in Japan with new F Sport X Line

Celebrating ten years in Japan, Lexus has added the F Sport X Line special edition to the LS, GS, IS and CT. The new model went on sale January 8.

Taking the sporty F Sport as its base, the body colors are White Nova Glass Flake and Black, with black for the spindle grille and aluminum wheels. The interior presents a daring color combination of highly contrasting black and scarlet that further lends it a sporty feel.

The F Sport X Line prices are:

LS600h: 13,002,000 yen
LS460: 10,431,000 yen
GS450h: 8,479,000 yen
GS300h: 6,998,000 yen
GS350 (2WD): 7,358,000 yen
GS350 (AWD): 7,450,000 yen
GS250: 6,319,000 yen
IS350: 6,258,000 yen
IS250 (2WD): 5,075,000 yen
IS250 (AWD): 5,454,000 yen
IS300h: 5,672,000 yen
CT200h: 4,330,000 yen.

For the CT200h, together with the release of the limited edition model, Lexus is offering application software and Agent voice interaction service and predictive information service which can be added to its Lexus Apps as new G-Link options. Lexus is also offering the Sonic Quartz body color, which was developed through sonic technology and uses contrast gradation to achieve its unique look.