Suzuki Alto

New Suzuki Alto Launch: A design concept that focuses on each line and the cross-section

The new Suzuki Alto was designed to be simple, clean, and stylish.

Chief Designer Kazufumi Uchiyama from the Planning and Management Division of Suzuki’s Four-wheel Design Department said, “Our number one focus was on how to cleanly draw each line and what kind of cross-section we can run through it; this was the common theme for the interior and the exterior.”

At the exterior, “It is the line that goes from the side front fender to the rear and the line on top of the side sill. And then we represented it at the intervening surface”, he said. This surface was reduced slightly under the side window portion and the area around the character line was made to have volume. Afterwards, it was reduced once again and the area of the character line at the bottom was again made to have volume which gave it a surface structure that is similar to the number 3.
“We gave the area around the shoulder a sharp image and we focused on the contrast on the rich surface under that”, he explained.

Moreover, he gave the following comment with regards to the intention of having the side shoulder line moved to the top of the rear portion, “If we are creating a common box then even the proportion would become weak. Therefore, we wanted to show the C-pillar itself thickly in order to make a surface that has a large trace of roundness from the rear door to the C-pillar.
We were able to come up with a shape that has a sense of fullness because of this.”

Moreover, “As for the round lines of the fender, we wanted to firmly show the footing since the wheelbase has become longer and the high grade vehicles are wearing 15 inch tires. It is a technique that we showed there firmly since there was also the tightening of the side cross-section(the door surface has been reduced as described above) and the tires seems to be going outside”, he explained about their focus on the design details.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)