Daihatsu Move Custom RS Hyper SA

Daihatsu Move Custom Review: A sporty color and a strongly vivid feel by Naoto Shimazaki

I test drove the RS Hyper SA. The newly configured Hyper is a high grade vehicle which exudes a sense of quality and luxury. It appears to be the flagship model of the new Move Custom; the same grade has been prepared for the main event at the test ride event held for the press.

It looks different because of the dark color of its plated grill.
When it gets darker, the illumination of the L-shaped LED lighting in the lower grill and in the area around the fog lamp emphasizes the Hyper. Although I may refrain from giving my personal and subjective impression about its design, its presence is considerable and it might discover the functional meaning of enhanced safety due to the height of its visibility.

The interior exudes a sense of quality with its blue marble-toned decorative panel. It automatically reminded me of the Toyota Crown. The lean on the style of the tablet’s (voice operation support)navigation screen also has a contemporary design. The instrument panel pocket on the passenger seat side of the Move Custom comes with a cover.

I would like to highlight the TFT color multi-information display at the center of the instrument panel. Occasionally there are more than exactly 50 patterns of various information displayed here but it is easy to understand as all of them are stylish and really has good graphics. Taking into consideration the black screen’s visibility, a white border and the like were applied in the case of the fine red indication and every single display was also being examined carefully. In addition, it also has substantial features that consider the welfare of the users such as various kinds of easy to understand and distinct buzzing sounds that ring when a certain condition is met, and a convenient one-touch blinker function (blinks three times when the lever is pressed lightly) during lane change and the like.

The adoption of the turbo engine gives it a considerably reassuring power performance. It exudes a strong sporty appeal over a sense of fine quality through the combination of a firm body and 15 inch tires by means of the chassis, giving it an atmosphere that is aimed at users who constantly want to experience a vivid sensation.

â–  5 Star Rating

Packaging: ★★★★★
Interior/Comfort: ★★★★★
Power Source: ★★★★★
Footwork: ★★★★★
Recommendation: ★★★★★

Naoto Shimazaki | Automotive Journalist (AJAJ Member)
Born in Tokyo in 1958. He worked at an editing and publishing company for nine years after graduating from university. In 1991, he began freelance work after working as a writer, editor and photographer for magazines and independent publications. Since then, he has continued to expand his activities as a writer for magazines and the web. He approaches cars and journalism from the viewpoint of an everyday user.

(Translated by Michael Sabaldan)