Daihatsu Move X

Photo Feature: New Daihatsu Move Launch, better fuel economy of 2km/l, NA engine cars deliver a fuel economy of 31km/l

Daihatsu Motor Company fully remodeled the kei car Move and launched it on December 12. The new Move, developed as the “best next-gen small vehicle,” has better basic performance because of the improved suspension system and the newly-developed lightweight and highly rigid framework.

The new Move achieves a fuel efficiency of 31km/l (for the model equipped with the NA engine), 2km/l higher than the current Move, because of the lower air resistance and the improvements made to its powertrain and energy management. Meanwhile, the model equipped with the turbo engine achieves a fuel efficiency of 27.4km/l. With the wheelbase at 2455mm, the overall length, width and height are 3395mm, 1475mm and 1630mm respectively. The curb weight of the 2WD model equipped with the NA engine is 820kg.

The price ranges from 1,134,000 yen to 1,495,800 yen.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)