Daihatsu Wake

Photo Feature: Daihatsu Wake, new genre ultra-height wagon

Daihatsu launched the new kei car Wake last November. The “Ultra Space” offers the largest cabin space and at 1455mm, also the highest interior height of any kei car .

The wheelbase is 2455mm, and the overall length, height and width are 3395mm, 1835mm, and 1475mm respectively. Despite having the same overall length, width, and wheelbase as the Tanto, the roof line of the Wake is higher by 85mm and its center of gravity is also higher by 10mm. Furthermore, its seat position is higher than the Tanto’s by 62mm, giving the driver better visibility.

In addition, a luggage under trunk with a large capacity of about 90 liters has been added. Using this space enables the user to put golf bags or snowboards into the luggage compartment without having to fold down the rear seats. Meanwhile, the passenger seat has a 6.6-liter large instrument panel tray that can accommodate both a single lens reflex camera and a tablet computer. These various storage spaces have been added to increase convenience when traveling.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)