Daihatsu Move Custom RS Hyper

Photo Feature: New Daihatsu Move Launch, new luxury grade Hyper added to Custom

Daihatsu Motor Company fully remodeled the kei car Move, and launched it on December 12. Meanwhile, the new grade Hyper, which pursues high quality and a luxurious feel, has been added to the Move Custom.

The exterior features a dark-plated grille and emblem, with LED illumination underneath the grille and around the fog lamps. The interior features door ornaments and an instrument panel trim exclusive to the Hyper. The gauge cluster, with its colored multi-information display, comes standard to the Custom.

The new Move utilizes the improved D Suspension and the lightweight and highly rigid D Monocoque framework. Because of the D Monocoque framework, it too is highly rigid and weighs 20kg lighter. It also comes equipped with the D Assist function that enables the driver to change the controls of the engine and the CVT.

(Translated by Katherine N. Bantiles)