Suzuki showcases three customizations at 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon

On January 12, the 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon opened its doors at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture. Suzuki Motor Corporation, which in recent years had been showcasing customized concepts designed for leisure-use and the outdoors, exhibited three models that topped its efforts from previous years.

The most distinctive of the three has to be the Carry Fishing Gear, a customized Suzuki Carry mini truck. “Enjoy fishing more actively,” is more than just its catchphrase. It comes equipped with an over fender and has been raised to offer a ground clearance equaling that of a large SUV. Painted in khaki-based camouflage color, the body features a large “CARRY” print. The vehicle is sure to catch on with outdoor enthusiasts.

The Spacia Tall Camper camping wagon features wild-looking customizations and an SUV-look to the Spacia tall mini wagon, which debuted late last year. The most enticing change has to be the black steel roof rails. They’re not like the aerodynamically designed roof rails that are popular these days. They’re more like what you’d see in the military!

Based on the XBee compact SUV, which also debuted at the end of last year, XBee Winter Adventure has been redesigned to offer the image of winter sports. It features a combination of metallic gray and silver camouflage paint along with some yellow on the side mirrors and wheels. The yellow provides the customized XBee with an extra touch of flair. The vehicle has been lifted to offer more ground clearance which may come in handy in the snow.

Written by Kouichiro Imoto
(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)