Mazda CX-5 awarded highest impact safety rating

Mazda was awarded with a five star 2017 Impact Safety Rating in a JNCAP automotive assessment for their CX-5 which comes with the company’s new “safety body,” the Skyactiv-Body.

Impact safety ratings carried out by JNCAP automotive assessment have a five star ranking for passengers and pedestrians for when a collision occurs, these rating then being made available to the public. The CX-5 has consistently won the highest rating from the agency since the last generation CX-5 debuted in 2012.

The Skyactiv-Body is a lightweight, highly durable, “Safety body” that absorbs and distributes energy generated during collisions from head on, rear, and side impacts and prevents against deformation of the cabin. By making the car’s fundamental frame straighter, a multiroad pass construction, and using an annulated organization for each of the section’s frameworks, Mazda engineers have been able to greatly improve safety from impacts.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)