Mazda announces world’s first compression ignition engine, Skyactiv-X

Mazda has become the first car company in the world to utilize an engine where gasoline air-fuel mixture is self-ignited via pressure created by pistons. The company announced that this compression technology will be utilized in its next generation gasoline engine, the Skyactiv-X, set to be in Mazda vehicles by 2019.

Skyactiv-X is a new internal combustion engine unique to Mazda that combines the characteristics of gasoline and diesel engines, to produce excellent environmental performance as well as power. With its exceptional engine responsiveness due to compression ignition and air supplying features, the engine gets more than 10% and even up to 30% better performance in all aspects compared with the current Skyactiv-G, allowing for a drastic improvement in torque.

Also, with “super lean” fuel usage, possible via the compression ignition technology, fuel economy is 20 to 30% better than the current Skyactiv-G engines. A 35 to 45% improvement over the gasoline engines the company went about creating in 2008 that produce the same amount of emissions, the new engine gets even better fuel economy than the company’s latest Skyactiv-D engines.

Skyactiv-X engines were announced in a step to move towards the company’s long term vision of “Sustainable Zoom-Zoom 2030,” announced on August 8. This policy hopes to utilize the joys of driving, achieved through the company’s cutting edge safety technology i-Activsense being made standard for all vehicles and a genuine effort to curtail CO2 emissions, to combat the challenges facing the earth, society, and humanity in the future.

Written by Toshiya Kouketsu @DAYS
(Translated by Bryce Clarke)