Nissan begins autonomous driving tests on public roads in Europe

On February 27, Nissan began its first autonomous driving car public road tests in Europe in London.

Autonomous driving cars are the centerpiece of Nissan’s “Intelligent Mobility” strategy. It plans to have multiple models that use automatic driving on the road in Europe, the United States, Japan and China by 2020.

For the tests in London, Nissan used a test model based on the Leaf. The goal was to evaluate the performance ability of autonomous driving technology in driving conditions that resemble urban streets. First, Nissan plans to use ProPilot for the improved Qashqai SUV in Europe.

Nissan senior vice president Takao Asami said, “This test of Nissan’s forthcoming autonomous drive technology in the demanding conditions of London streets underlines our commitment to delivering Nissan Intelligent Mobility to our customers.”

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Greg Scott)