Google’s Waymo Sues Uber for allegedly stealing autonomous driving tech

Google announced on Feburary 24 that the company’s autonomous car development division would be bringing legal action against Uber Technology and Otto.

Uber is a huge transportation network company while Otto develop technology for autonomous cars, the latter being started by ex-Google employee Anthony Levandowski in May of 2016.

According to Waymo, in January 2016 Mr. Levandowski, a core member of the autonomous driving technology division at Google, allegedly took over 14,000 different technical files on laser-guided distance determining tech for use by autonomous cars to scan their surroundings known as LiDAR.

As a result, Waymo is suing both Otto and the company that purchased Otto in 2016 and brought it under their wing, Uber. Waymo is seeking damages against both companies.

Written by Minoru Moriwaki

(Translated by Bryce Clarke)