Toyota & Suzuki Partnership: official announcement deals with environment, safety, and information tech

On February 6, Toyota and Suzuki announced that the two companies have entered into a business partnership regarding environment, safety, information technology, and unit complementation.

In October of last year, the two companies entered talks into building a collaborative relationship with one another. Since then, the two have been engaged in negotiations that will allow them to pursue fields that both are currently endeavoring in. The relationship will be mutually beneficial but continuing to allow for a competitive relationship to continue. Now, Toyota and Suzuki have reached the point where they are ready to begin talks on actually implementing this working relationship in the fields of environmental, safety, and information technology as well as make their products and components standardized between the two manufacturers.

Having come to an agreement on working together, the two are now at the stage of hammering out the specifics of exactly how their working relationship will work.

Regarding the two companies working together, president of Toyota Akio Toyoda offered that “Our two companies share roots in the Enshu region of Japan, and both we and Suzuki strive to provide our customers with an enjoyable driving experience and are working to create a happier, more mobile society. With this agreement, we at Toyota would like to express our gratitude for the chance to work with such a passionate, hard working company as Suzuki. We hope to learn a great deal from working with them.”

Chairman of Suzuki, Osamu Suzuki also had some words regarding the new working relationship: “We are truly thankful to Toyota for bringing their passion to the table in terms of these talks. We at Suzuki are deeply concerned with developing technology for the future and hope to bring about a partnership that will leave both sides happy with the outcome.”

Written by Toshiya Hanabusa

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]