Nissan Leaf for US

Top-selling EV models in US are Japanese and European makers in 2016

The top EV sellers for 2016 in the US were the Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Volkswagen e-Golf and Smart Fortwo Electric Drive.

This is according to data released by each company. According to Toyota North America, 2016 Leaf sales in the US were 14,006 units. This is down 18.9% from the previous year and marks the 2nd year of decline. One reason for the decline is that the next-generation model will be unveiled soon.

The BMW i3 sold 7,625 units in the US in 2016, which is down 30.8% from the previous year.

The e-Golf is Volkswagen’s EV version of the Golf. It sold 3,395 units in 2016, which is down 17.2%.

The Smart Fortwo Electric Drive sold 657 units in the US in 2016. Because of the release of a new model, sales fell 53%.

Due to a drop in gas prices and economic recovery, gas guzzling full-sized pickups and SUVs sold well in 2016 in the US. EV cars are still not the norm.

(Translated by Greg Scott)