Nissan autonomous vehicle testing on public roads

Nissan to begin first European autonomous vehicle testing on public London Roads

On 13 January, Nissan announced that they would be conducting their first European testing of autonomous driving vehicles on public roads in London.

Nissan’s submission into the field of autonomous driving cars comes in the form of Nissan Intelligent Driving, currently leading R&D in this field through their lane deviation warnings, lane deviation prevention support system, emergency brakes, and other Safety Shield technology. By applying these technologies to their main lineup of vehicles, Nissan has furthered their lean in the field.

Nissan is planning to mount autonomous driving tech onto multiple types of vehicles sold in Europe, the US, Japan, and China by 2020, with that technology being loaded into the company’S flagship models in each region. As for Europe, this means that the first vehicle to get this technology will be the Qashqai SUV.

As the leader in the field of autonomous driving, Nissan is planning to begin autonomous driving testing on public London roads from February, the goal of which being to check the performance of these vehicles within the public sphere.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]