Toyota Vitz Hybrid

New Toyota Vitz: Toyota adds hybrid grade for Japan with 34.4km/L

Along with its unveiling of the new Vitz with minor changes on January 12, Toyota also unveiled a hybrid grade.

The Vitz has a hybrid model for the European grade but this is the first time the Japanese model has gotten one.

The hybrid system’s engine is a 1.5L in-line 4-cylinder gasoline engine that gets 74ps and 11.3kgm of torque. The motor gets 61ps and 17.2kgm of torque. The total hybrid system with engine and motor gets 100ps. The engine, motor and inverter have been improved.

The secondary battery is a nickel hydride battery. With the driving battery placed under the rear seats, it maintains the same interior and storage space as the gasoline version.

On JC08 mode, the fuel economy puts it at the top of its class at 34.4km/L. It is a consummate eco-car, not only reaching 20% over fuel economy standards for 2020 but also achieving 75% gas emissions under 2005 standards.

(Translated by Greg Scott)