Honda Dream Drive

2017 CES: Honda unveils new on-board infotainment technology

On January 5, Honda unveiled the new technology behind its on-board information system at 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

This new technology includes two types, HMI Concept and Dream Drive.

The HMI of HMI Concept stands for “Human Machine Interface.” It uses a new interface that takes advantage of an image recognition system, touchscreen and remote controller in order to provide a new driving environment that safely and comfortably enables automatic driving.

Dream Drive is a collaborative project between DreamWorks and HDS (Honda Development Studio) in California’s Silicon Valley. It uses VR (virtual reality) goggles for driving. The goggles carry out functions such as assisting the driver in finding restaurants or playing games. The idea is to offer a new kind of backseat entertainment.

Honda HMI Concept

The Honda HMI Concept is a new Human Machine Interface (HMI) electric vehicle interior concept that unlocks the benefits of connectivity and semi-autonomous technology while offering an enhanced the driving experience.

(Translated by Greg Scott)