Honda's New Traffic Congestion Combatting Technology, Safe Swarm

CES 2017: Honda Introduces Tech For Reducing Traffic, Based on Schools of Fish

On 5 January at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Honda announced their new connected car technology known as “Safe Swarm.”

Safe Swarm is connected car technology that is informed by patterns in the natural world. Using inter-automobile communication technology, the Safe Swarm sees vehicles mimicking the patterns of schools of fish, allowing for smooth progression of traffic.

With Safe Swarm, information on road conditions and obstacles ahead is communicated and shared between cars. Analyzing speeds when merging and when changing lanes, the system works to lessen congestion of traffic via providing appropriate changes to speed at the appropriate times.

Honda representatives commented that, through implementing the Safe Swarm system, that “Not only cars themselves, but the whole flow of traffic will be made to work more smoothly and efficiently.”

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]