Honda NeuV

CES 2017: Automatic Driving EV with “Emotion Engine” Honda NeuV Announced

On 5 January at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Honda premiered their new EV commuter concept car, the NeuV, equipped with automatic driving functionality.

The NeuV is equipped with the company’s AI technology used for communicating with humans known as the “emotion engine HANA (Honda Automated Network Assistant).” This emotion engine utilizes AI technology developed by mobile phone carrier Softbank Group’s subsidiary company, cocoro SB. Producing pseudo-emotions itself, the technology was co-developed alongside Honda R&D.

The NeuV determines the amount of stress of the driver by reading his or her expressions and the tone of his or her voice and works to provide a safe driving experience. In addition, it learns from drivers’ lifestyles and tastes, and makes suggestions based on that information, naturally bridging the gap between driver and mobility.

In addition, when the car is not in use by the owner, the car can, having gotten permission from the owner, provide ride sharing services via the automatic driving function. The NeuV is a concept model that works to delve into the possibilities of increasing mobility via automatic driving and AI technologies.

[Translated by Bryce Clarke]