Honda In-Vehicle Payment

2017 CES: Honda unveils In-Vehicle Payment system

On January 5 at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, Honda unveiled its In-Vehicle Payment system, developed collaboratively with Visa.

The In-Vehicle Payment system was developed as a technology to enable drivers to pay at places like gas stations and parking lots without leaving the car.

In order to move the development of the app along more quickly, it was developed in collaboration between Visa and Honda Developer Studio, a facility where app developers and Honda engineers work together in a laboratory in Silicon Valley established in 2014.

For example, at a gas station, the driver can choose the amount of gasoline they want using a monitor on the dashboard and make payment on the screen.

Honda explained the benefits, saying, “The driver can pay safely without needing to leave the car during adverse weather conditions or nighttime driving.”

(Translated by Greg Scott)