Arrival of first Honda Clarity Fuel Cell in Europe

Honda announces arrival of first Clarity Fuel Cell in Europe

On November 29, Honda Motor Europe announced its first Clarity Fuel Cells have arrived in Europe.

The Clarity Fuel Cell was introduced last October at the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show. It was launched as a highly practical fuel cell vehicle (FCV) that seats up to five passengers.

The Clarity Fuel Cell is the world’s first mass produced FCV to store the fuel cell stack and drive unit under the front hood, generating spaciousness throughout the interior.

The recently delivered Clarity Fuel Cells will be used in a project for expanding FCVs within the European market. Thereafter, they are scheduled for releases to the general public in London, UK and Copenhagen, Denmark.

Honda’s Chief Project Engineer, Thomas Brachmann said, “The arrival of the Clarity Fuel Cell in Europe is the next step towards Honda’s vision of the full commercialization of fuel cell vehicles.”

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)