2012 Toyota HiAce

Recall: Toyota recalls 74,000 HiAce’s and other models over AT shift defect

On November 24, Toyota issued a recall with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport for the HiAce and other models over a defect in the automatic transmission.

The recall applies to 74,808 HiAce, RegiusAce, Dyna and Toyota Ambulance models built from December 8, 2009, to April 26, 2012.

Due to insufficient strength in the fulcrum part of the changeover lever’s oil groove connected to the automatic transmission’s shift bar, when there is repeated unexpected and swift shifting, this causes wear on the abrasion and a gutter to form. As a result, the oil groove from which the shift bar comes could become unable to be changed, which could cause the car to no longer operate. There is a risk that it could advance or retreat out of the “P” position.

For all cars, the automatic transmission’s oil groove changeover levers are being replaced.

There have been six reported cases of the defect and no reported accidents. Information for the recall came from the market.

(Translated by Greg Scott)