2013 Mitsubishi RVR

Recall: Mitsubishi recalls 27,000 RVRs in US over wiper motor defect

On November 11, Mitsubishi issued a recall in the United States for the RVR over a defect in the front wiper motor.

The recall applies to 27,562 cars of one RVR model that were built from February 8, 2010, to January 10, 2014.

Due to insufficient waterproof construction of the front deck, water can get into the space between the front deck garnish and window shield glass, which could lead to motor parts rusting. As a worst case scenario, the wiper motor could cease to function.

All cars are having their wiper motors replaced.

There have been 62 reports of the defect and no related accidents. News of the defect came from the market.

(Translated by Greg Scott)