Toyota Connected Briefing demonstrates car sharing

Connected Company CEO Tomoyama discusses cars as information terminals at Toyota’s Connected Strategy Briefing

At the November 1 “Connected Strategy Briefing” at its Mega Web in Tokyo, Toyota unveiled its measures to strengthen its mobility service in areas such as car sharing and through its “connecting technology.”

Connected Company president Shigeki Tomoyama discussed the ideas behind the Mobility Service Platform, which offers various services to connect the company with external businesses.

Through the acceleration of connectivity technology, Tomoyama said, the company has plans to participate in various mobility services including sharing, leasing, insurance and taxi service aimed at using cars not only for driving but as information terminals.

He further said that there is a need to build the service platform quickly so that car makers can ensure the safety of their cars. He also stressed the idea that quickly setting up the platform will advance the competitive advantage of providing mobility services in the future.

(Translated by Greg Scott)