GS Yuasa's S-95 and K-42 idling stop car-use lead-acid batteries

New Nissan Serena to use GS Yuasa’s latest IS lead-acid batteries

GS Yuasa has announced that the new Nissan Serena will use its latest S-95 and K-42 idling stop (IS) lead-acid batteries for car use.

The new Serena is equipped with the latest ProPilot driver support system. The 4th generation model also continues to use the S-Hybrid (Smart Simple Hybrid) system. The S-Hybrid system uses an optimal lead-acid battery to regenerate energy during deceleration. This, along with long-term IS and torque assistance from the motor, improves fuel economy.

GS Yuasa first introduced its IS lead-acid battery in 2009. It has continued further developing its batteries and the latest S-95 and K-42 models offer 3 times the recharging capability of its existing batteries for starting. Their endurance has been improved fourfold from existing models. GS Yuasa’s IS lead batteries have been chosen for the S-Hybrid system because of their reputation for suitability for a high level of energy management.

(Translated by Greg Scott)