Nissan Rogue Hybrid

Nissan to establish first hybrid model for 2017 Rogue

Nissan North America has announced that it will establish a hybrid model for its 2017 Nissan Rogue.

Though the original Rogue was exclusively designed, the current second-generation Rogue was released as a sibling model to the Nissan X-Trail in September 2013.

Until now, the Rogue lineup consisted only of a 2.5-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine. However, for the 2017 model, Nissan has established its first hybrid variant to accompany the significant upgrades to both its cabin and exterior.

The hybrid system is basically the same unit as that of the X-Trail Hybrid for the Japanese market. The engine is a 2.0-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline unit that generates 141hp of maximum output and 19.9kgm of maximum torque. Nissan has combined this engine with a motor that produces 40hp of maximum output.

The engine and motor combined generates a total power of 176hp. The transmission is an Xtronic CVT. It also features an idling stop function and regenerative braking.

(Translated by Masayuki Shikata)