New Toyota Prius for North America

Toyota issues first recall for new Prius over airbag defect

Toyota has issued the first recall of the new Prius in the United States. On September 14, it announced the recall for models introduced early in the US market in 2016.

Toyota USA says the recall is due to a defect in the passenger side airbags. It says that due to insufficient moisture absorption prevention measures during the casting and molding process, the inflator’s gas forming agent may not have sufficient density. As a result, its internal pressure could rise irregularly upon inflation, causing the vessel to rupture, which could result in fire or injuries to passengers.

The recall applies to some 2016 Prius models. It applies to a total of 7,600 cars that were sold in the United States. Toyota says there has been one reported incident of a parked car not starting for a period of time due to the defect.

Toyota USA is contacting customers with effected vehicles and exchanging the passenger side airbags at dealerships.

(Translated by Greg Scott)