Mazda expands rear gate damper recall to 4 models in the United States

Mazda has expanded the September 1 Japanese recall of its rear gate damper stay over corrosion problems to the United States as well.

The recall is over a defect in the gas charged damper stays. According to Mazda, insufficient corrosion protective coating was applied to the ends of the external cylinders of the rear gate gas dampers. If salt from the air or water enters, it could cause corrosion. Continued use could lead to increased corrosion which eventually causes the end caps to break when the rear gate is opened. As a result, the gate may drop suddenly and falling parts could cause injury.

On September 6, Mazda North America expanded the recall to the United States. It applies to the 2010-2013 Mazda3, 2012-2015 Mazda5, 2013-2016 CX-5 and 2016 CX-3.

The recall applies to a total of 575,381 vehicles in the United States. Mazda North America says there have been no reported incidents or injuries related to this recall.

(Translated by Greg Scott)