2010 Fit

Honda adds 660,000 Fits and other models to Takata airbag recall over passenger side airbags

On September 8, Honda issued a recall with the Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism for the Fit and several other models over a defect in the Takata airbag inflators.

The recall applies to 16 models and a total of 668,816 cars built between January 6, 2009, and December 28, 2011. The models are the Fit, Fit Shuttle, Freed, Freed Spike, Insight, Insight Exclusive, Civic, Civic Hybrid, Elysion, Elysion Prestige, CR-V, Accord, Accord Tourer, Inspire, Legend, and FCX Clarity.

In the affected vehicles, the passenger side airbag inflator’s gas forming agents have been degraded over time through repeated changes in temperature and level of humidity. As a result, there is a risk that the airbag will inflate irregularly when deployed which could result in a rupture in the inflator vessel.

As a precautionary measure, all passenger side airbag inflators are being replaced with more recent products. In the case where parts cannot be supplied, as a tentative measure, users are being told to stop operation of the passenger side airbag and not use the airbag at the passenger side sun visor.

On May 27, The Ministry of Infrastructure, Land, Transport and Tourism indicated to every automaker that it would issue all recalls of the 7,000,000 vehicles with Takata airbag inflators without drying agents over driver’s side airbags by the end of June and all passenger side airbags by the end of 2018 in order from oldest models first. As of June 9, Honda had recalled 780,000 models over the driver’s side Takata airbags and is now recalling vehicles over the passenger side.

(Translated by Greg Scott)